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Friday, May 19, 2006

By Jove, I Think She's Got It

I think I've finally found it. I have found the ultimate position of comfort for using my laptop at home. Does everyone go through this? I feel as if this is some kind of blogging milestone. You know you're getting serious when you endeavor to create an ideal blogging environment. Here's my solution...

~Lying back against two throw pillows propped on the left arm of the sofa.

~Legs outstretched, try to remember not to cross them (very bad for the back.)

~One square throw pillow wedged between me and the crease in the couch, in a diagonal orientation so my elbow can rest on one corner. This is my "mouse pad."

~Coffee table on my immediate left replete with cigs, drinks, ashtray and strongly scented candles.

~Lap top just where it belongs...on my lap. No pillow propping needed.

Of course, this doesn't feel entirely comfortable for the neck. Of course, that can have nothing to do with spending hours on end in front of the screen.

I'm really enjoying this blogging thing. Not only am I exploring my deeper (darker?), spiritual, feminist, goddess-in-training, sex-positive and sex-loving personality on No Ordinary Princess and providing proof there still are living, breathing Girls and Non-Girls at the BAGs site, I wound up creating yet another No Ordinary Princess blog on last night. I expect that to lay dormant for a while as I learn more about the technology through Blogger and learn to translate that to WordPress.

I've got to eventually figure out which format I like most if I ever plan to make use of the domain names I've got. All in good time. Since this is a solo pursuit and I don't have any web or computing experience, that's liable to be a long process. However, I hope to soon gain a lot more computing exposure and experience in a new ED/IS liaison position at my hospital. That will also put me in contact with all the cool computer geeks and I plan to not let an opportunity like that pass me by! I can be a sponge when it comes to something I have an interest in and this; blogging, html, web design, computers; definitely qualifies.

There are RN-to-MSN programs out there in Nursing Informatics. There's an organization for Nursing Informatics professionals. What's not to love about bringing my over 20 years of nursing experience in several specialty areas to work for me in a new, less stressful, more interesting (because it offers me a chance to learn new things) and potentially more lucrative arena?

So, I have found my blogging position of comfort now. Blogging will lead to an expanded knowledge of the internet and computing. Blogging allows me to figure things out for myself, rather than be spoon-fed information. Blogging could be the launch of a whole new life for me...Cheryl Rossi, Nursing Informatics consultant!

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