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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sadie's New Digs

Sadie needed a new bed. I'd taken the one from the living room down to Mom & Dad's when Dad was sick. (You can look through the March archives for more on my dad.) Yes, you heard right. This pup has three beds. Maybe I didn't spoil the boy completely but I'm apparently remedying that with the dog. I picked up a new bed at PetSmart on Saturday. Sadie was initially cool to it. You know, a new presence in the apartment and all. She's always got to assert that she is top dog, even if the second dog is inanimate.

Tonight, she finally decided to give it trial lay-down. She did it full-force, too, turning around a few times before settling squarely in the middle. Is that even possible with a round bed? I tell you, it warmed the cockles of my heart. Sadie is so dramatic. I think the living room bed is now her newest best friend.

She spent much of the evening trying different positions and generally getting the lay of the bed. You can't fully see it but, in the first photo, there's a pillow in the background that reads, "A spoiled rotten dog lives here."

Ya think?


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