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Sunday, February 26, 2006

My Impetus

I will properly introduce myself at a future date but I simply had to get this off my chest before I head to bed then back to work tomorrow.

Imagine you heard the following quote, “The other seeks to roll back the democratic progress of the past two decades, by playing to fear, pitting neighbor against neighbor and blaming others for their own failures to provide for their people.

This comment was made yesterday by the president of my country (though not someone I consider in any way to be my representative) regarding the government of Venezuela and its president, Hugo Chavez.

I simply could not rest tonight without commenting on the irony of Bush's statement. If there is any administration that has, in recent years, "played on fears, pitted neighbor against neighbor and blamed others for their own failures to provide for their people," it is the administration of the current president of the United States.

Roughly midway through George W. Bush's first term, I began having visions of Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale, with Dick Cheney as Fred and that greusome crew firmly at the helm. My unease has not lessened over the past 3 years.

We should be alarmed and vigilant. We must not forget, come November, the failures, mistakes, arrogance, intolerance, ignorance and utter disinterest of the current administration. We can't make a difference unless we make the choice.

:: stepping down from soapbox now ::

"I have always wanted to be somebody, but I see now I should have been more specific." -- Lily Tomlin

Three, two, one, launch

Meaningless post to check out the blog mechanics. My web equivalent of, "Testing, one, two, three."

Pay no attention to the madwoman behind the curtain!

Will be back another day, when work does not loom large in the morning.


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